Alongside design & type we have considerable experience programming and technology consulting for other designers and studios.

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Our main technology related services:

Web development
Front-end & Back-end programming for fully custom interactive websites. We mainly use Kirby CMS for the projects. Other PHP based software (Laravel, DokuWiki) when projects require it.

We don’t work on Wordpress or ecommerce projects.

Creative coding
All kinds of image generation processes and experimental stuff.
 Indesign scripting + automation, mass PDF generation for print, maps, data-viz, Processing, WebGL and custom tools for graphics + automation.

We would love to do this more often.

Some of the clients we worked for over the years:

Anymade Studio, CCEA MOBA, Kolektiv Studio, Laura Papa, mmcite+, Moravian Gallery, Romy Strasser, Studio Es,, Vice Czech